This page contains a brief explanation of how to use eduID. If you need more elaborate help and information, please visit our Wiki.

This Help page contains the following information:

    Creating a new eduID account

    Click on the ‘Request a new eduID’ button on the right. Enter your (personal) email address and your first and last name. A confirmation email will then be sent to the address you filled in. Click on the button in this email to immediately activate your eduID account.

    Logging in with eduID

    To login with eduID, a password is not needed (but you can set one if you like, see below). Instead, you login with eduID using a ‘magic link’. Logging in starts by entering your email address (after you’ve created an account) and clicking the ‘Email a magic link’ button. Within moments you will receive an email with a ‘Sign in’ button. Click this button to login using eduID, you will then be automatically forwarded to the service you were going to originally.

    The ‘magic link’ will expire after 10 minutes. Request a new ‘magic link’ if the previous one expired. Can’t find the email? Check your spam folder.

    Setting a password (optional)

    You can manage your eduID account through My eduID. Here you can also set a password. Go to the tab ‘Security’ to add a password to your eduID account. After doing so you can from then on choose to login with eduID using a ‘magic link’ or a password.

    Adding a security key

    In addition to logging in with eduID using a ‘magic link’ or a password, you can also use a security key (or token). This can be a standalone physical token (such as a Yubikey) or a built-in sensor on your device (such as a fingerprint sensor). To use a security key to login, you must first add it to you eduID account through My eduID. Go to the tab ‘Security’, click ‘Add security key’ and follow the instructions.

    After you’ve done this you can login using your security key. To do that, first enter your email address and click ‘Use a security key’ under ‘Other sign-in options’.

    Managing your eduID account

    You can manage your eduID account through My eduID. Here you can change your name, your email address and manage the security if your eduID account. Also, you can see which services you logged in to using eduID and you can download all your eduID account information.

    Additional help

    Our Wiki page contains more information and help on eduID.